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Did you know that the speed and accuracy of your swing largely depends on the flex of your shaft? Indeed, it is crucial for today's golfer to ensure that his driver .Selecting the right flex for your golf club shafts is key to getting the most out of your clubs. Shafts come in five flex categories: extra stiff (X), stiff (S), regular (R), senior (A) and ladies (L). Generally, the faster your swing the speed, the stiffer the shaft.May 7, 2018 INSTRUCTIONS: In order to suggest the right shaft for you, please first select your desired Adjust Your Selected Driver Fitting Tool Benefit.

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  1. May 28, 2018 After custom fitting golfers for the past 40 years, we are happy to Choosing the right shaft for your clubs is all part of the goal of giving you .Golf equipment - Help please?. I recently managed to get my hands on a bargin priced "Titleist 983K 10.5 degree" driver. Brilliant head, like it a lot, feel, draw bias, power with a boring flight.What Shaft type are you Looking for? For woods, we'll focus on information regarding your driver. We'll also recommend hybrid and fairway wood shafts that fit .

  2. Hi everyone! I currently game the 2017 M2 with an Aldila Rogue Black 95 stiff. My current swing speed is 115 and I'm thinking about switching to the new M3 with a new driver shaft since I've been gaming this shaft for a while.There are programs that exist, that with a little bit of input, will spit out a shaft recommendation. However, these programs can not talk to the player, getting .Hello, I’m looking for recommendations for a new shaft on my M2 D type drive. Currently playing with a Rouge max black 65g stiff shaft at 42.5 inches.

  3. The Project X EvenFlow driver shaft line has a fourth model, the T1100 White. The T1100 designation has been used in the past in the HZRDUS line. It designates a low launch, low spin design.The HZRDUS T1100 is a very different profile as we will see later in the article.Use our interactive shaft fitting program to find the perfect UST Mamiya golf shaft.For driver shafts, I really like shafts from Arthur Extreme Engineering. High quality shafts for about at Golfworks. I'm currently gaming the Xcaliber.

Before reviewing the different brands of driver shafts, it is important to consider how to differentiate driver shafts, the features that are essential in a driver shaft, as well as how a driver shaft should be matched to your golf needs.Brent Kelley is an award-winning sports journalist and golf expert with over 30 years in print and online journalism. Updated September 21, 2018 If you want to avoid giving your golf game the shaft, you need to understand the effect that golf club shaft flex has on your game. "Flex" refers.Explore the golf shaft fitting guide from Titleist R&D. Search This guide shares golf club shaft information straight from the Titleist Research Driver & Fairway.

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MPF Shaft Worksheet. Make sure you are using the correct golf shaft for your swing - improve your What is your 150 Yard Club / Driver Club Head Speed.Driver shaft-fitting is arguably the most important part of the club-fitting process. Of course, choosing the right head, loft, clubface angle and grip is important too, but how the shaft functions during your swing is, in our opinion, what matters.Nov 24, 2009 Driver shaft-fitting is arguably the most important part of the club-fitting A fitter with a watchful eye will make recommendations based on your .